Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

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Mechanic Changing Brakes
If your vehicle starts to quiver when you come to a stop, there are several possible issues at play. Maybe you feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal on your Antioch commute. There are several reasons as to why your car trembles while breaking. Let’s take a look at three of the most common factors. Research why your car trembles here at Winter Honda.

Brake Rotors

The number one reason for a shaking car is warped or damaged brake rotors. Brake rotors work together with your brake pads to stop your wheels from spinning. As rotors age, they eventually get thinner and thinner from ongoing wear and tear, making them prone to damage. Excessive heat generated during braking can warp the rotors, causing the brakes pads to slip and create a quivering sensation, most likely in the brake pedal.

Brake rotors are typically replaced by at least the first 70,000 miles, but could be done earlier depending on your driving style and climate conditions in Antioch.


Another possible reason for your car’s shaking could be your tires. If your tires are out of alignment or just a bit old, your suspension has to work extra hard to keep everything balanced. Hitting a pothole or curb in Brentwood could alter your alignment. This extra struggle can be felt in your steering wheel.

Tire alignment is usually checked during a routine tire rotation, every 5,000 miles. Make sure you keep an eye out for your Honda’s TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System); it this light is illuminated, you’ll want to head to your service center right away.

Steering and Suspension Components

If there is an issue with your steering or suspension systems, chances are you will feel shaking not only when braking but during regular driving as well. Yet there are cases when a damaged part, such as an axle shaft, can cause an issue specifically when coming to a stop.

Components of your suspension system are typically checked during routine tire rotations.

Learn How to Fix a Wobbling Car with Winter Honda

Because there are so many different reasons why your car may be wobbling, it’s important to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic to find the exact problem. Your brakes, especially, are not something to mess with, so if you suspect an issue, you should schedule service in Bay Point right away. Explore our service specials here, and if you have any questions, simply reach out to contact us today.

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