What is HondaLink & What Does It Do?

October 5th, 2018 by

Hondalink On Cellphone

What is HondaLink? It’s a suite of connective services that allow you to pair your smartphone to your Honda vehicle. This means you can access mobile apps via the Infotainment system’s central display. With HondaLink, you can connect to contacts, stream music, use social media, and more. HondaLink is an app-based platform, so you can expand it with services like HondaLink Navigation and HondaLink Aha. Read on to see how HondaLink can make your drive through Antioch more enjoyable!

Stay Connected & Informed

What can you do with HondaLink? The possibilities are seemingly endless! There are different levels of HondaLink, each level offering unique features. Most new Honda vehicles, such as the Honda Civic, come standard with Basic, which includes access to vehicle guides, recall notifications, service appointment scheduling, parking reminders, and roadside assistance. Additional available HondaLink services allow you to:

  • Check mileage, fuel range, and oil life via the app
  • Receive vehicle notifications, such as service reminders
  • Save/send locations to your navigation system
  • Receive enhanced roadside assistance
  • Access your vehicle remotely
  • Receive security and speed alerts
  • Make reservations and more via a live assistant
  • And more!

How Do I Connect to HondaLink?

It only takes a few minutes to connect to HondaLink. To access its features and services, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the HondaLink app for your Apple or Android phone
  • Open the app
  • Scan or enter your Vehicle Identification Number (can be found on the driver-side door jam)
  • Follow the steps to create a new account (if you have a Honda ID, you can skip this step by entering your ID when prompted)
  • Pair your phone with your vehicle via Bluetooth by following the app’s step-by-step guide
  • Choose the HondaLink icon on the audio display home screen
  • Now, you can access places, vehicle settings, and more!

Which Honda Vehicles Offer HondaLink?

Most new Honda vehicles can be had with HondaLink, including:

Test Out HondaLink at Winter Honda in Pittsburg, CA!

HondaLink is just one of Honda’s many advanced technologies. Take a minute to learn more about other innovations from the brand, such as Honda Sensing. To try out HondaLink, as well as other exciting features, schedule a test drive at Winter Honda near Antioch and Brentwood!

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