Your Honda tires go through many stages in life. Those stages affect the kind of performance you can expect from that set of tires. For example, in the first year of a tire's life, it will have impressive traction, be free of defects, and be properly inflated. It hasn't made a lot of contact with the road, so it starts out life strong. You'll notice a firm traction on the road and responsive handling even when you encounter rain or ice.

As your tires age, they start to lose tread depth. This causes reduced traction in certain situations, but even in the second year of life, most Honda tires are going strong. How long your tires last depends on the kind of roads you drive on, the quality of the tires, and the road hazards you might encounter along the way. Sometimes a tire starts out healthy until it meets a pothole. It might go from healthy to flat in just seconds.

Signs of Failing Honda Tires in Pittsburg

Tires don't usually fail all at once if they fail naturally. They just start to wear away. For example, the tread depth shrinks so that it feels like there's not enough traction while you're driving. This problem is especially bad in a curve. Compromised tires mean compromised safety. Rely on Winter Honda Tire Center to help you recognize when it's time to retire an old set of tires.

1. Visible signs

If your tires have a defect, it might be visible to you on the sidewall or at the fairly visible top of the tire just below the wheel arch. If you see a crack or bulge in the tire, this is a sign that its structure is compromised. If this defect expands, the tire might eventually blow out, causing a car accident. If you see visible defects in your tires, get to our service center serving Pittsburg Concord Antioch Brentwood.

2. Thin Treads

There's a "penny test" that you can use to measure tread depth. This is useful if the treads are just now starting to wear away, and you want to make sure you replace a tire as soon as it's compromised in any way. However, thin treads have tangible signs, too, such as a "slippery" feeling when you take turns. if treads are extremely low, you'll also see what looks like a smoother surface on the top of the tire.

3. Low Tire Pressure

If a tire has a problem you can't see, you might find that it has low tire pressure. A flat tire is a dangerous situation because the tire can blow out on you without warning. Even a slightly flat tire is reason to schedule at Winter Honda Tire Center.

Great Service, Great Tires

Our wide selection of tires are one of the reasons that so many people choose us. We've got winter tires, summer tires, all-season tires, off-road tires, and so many other types of tires that you'll never run out great tires to choose from. A limited selection is very frustrating for customers, and we make sure to never run low on your favorite tires brands and types.

Best of all, you get a professional tire specialist to help you whenever you need them. Ask questions about tire types, sizes, and brands all you want! We'll make sure you get the right information to make an educated decision about what tires you want to buy from us.

We can also install your tires for you, balance them, and keep them rotated over the years. Our service center features other great services that can help keep your tires wearing evenly and healthy as they age. Wheel alignments are a great way to keep your tires as healthy and long-lasting as possible during their time on your vehicle. Contact us if you have more questions about the many services we have for tire shoppers. You can also get started on picking out your next set of tires by searching for tires that are compatible with your Honda model year and trim level.

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