How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

Short answer: it depends on the spare. There are different types of spare tires available to Antioch and Brentwood drivers. For example, you’ll get more mileage out of a full-size tire or a run-flat tire than you would a space-saver spare. Read on to learn about the types of spare tires available, then visit Winter Honda’s tire shop to find the right tire set for your Honda vehicle!

Full-Size Spare Tire

Larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, often come with full-size spares. These spares are heavy and durable. The problem is: spare tires aren’t used to the same extent as your car’s other tires, which can negatively impact handling on Bay Point roads. Even with a full-size tire, it’s a good idea to replace your tire as soon as you can.

Space-Saver Spare/Donut Tire

As the name suggests, space-savers were designed to save space in your car and reduce weight. Unfortunately, these compact spares don’t last long. Check your owner’s manual for mileage and speed recommendations. Generally, it’s urged that you don’t exceed 70 miles of driving or drive faster than 50 mph while using a space-saver.

Run-Flat Tire

Compared to regular tires, run-flat tires cost less to maintain. This is because they’re more resilient and last for a longer period of time. Run-flat tires can handle hazards standard tires can’t, such as punctures. Instead of deflating, a punctured run-flat can ride for about 50 miles before an inevitable replacement. It’s important to note that these tires are more expensive to replace than your average tire.

What if You Have a Tire Repair Kit Instead?

Some cars don’t include a spare tire but come with a tire inflator kit for flat tires. Instead of “how long can I drive on a spare,” you may be asking yourself how far a tire repair kit goes. The answer? Probably not far. Tire inflator kits only work for certain repairs, such as a small puncture. If the tire blows out or the sidewall is damaged, these kits will likely be useless to you. For this reason, it’s always smart to have a spare on hand.

Shop New Honda Tires at Winter Honda in Pittsburg!

You should consider replacing your tire with a spare if your car’s TPMS light illuminates and you can’t make it to a service center. But you shouldn’t drive on a spare as your main tire. If you need new tires, the tire shop at Winter Honda can help you find authorized tires for your Honda model and trim. Our tire repair shop can also address scratches or punctures, so you don’t have to pay for tire replacement ahead of schedule. Schedule an appointment near Oakley and Concord.

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