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The Winter Honda service center in Pittsburg California provides all of the automotive services and products you need to keep your vehicle in great condition. That includes oil changes, and a regular oil change is among the most ways that you can protect your Honda for many miles to come.

Honda Oil Change in Pittsburg CA - 2023 Honda Pilot

Why Do You Need to Change Engine Oil?

Your Honda’s engine has many moving parts that create significant friction and heat. An engine wouldn’t last long without oil to lubricate those parts and mitigate that friction. Engine oil not only mitigates the friction but absorbs much of the heat. Modern oil also contains additives that prevent corrosion within the engine and help to break down sludge that would otherwise accumulate. Oil doesn’t last forever. It takes a great deal of abuse, and it breaks down over time. If not changed regularly, the oil becomes less and less effective, and that will eventually lead to damage to your engine.

Honda Oil Change in Pittsburg CA - 2023 Honda CR-V

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

How often you should schedule an oil change in Pittsburg California depends on a wide range of factors. The general recommendation varies based on the particular engine and model. As a rule of thumb for a Honda oil change, you should do it every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or once or twice a year. You can find the exact recommendation from Honda for your particular model in your owner’s manual, or you can call us, and we’ll provide you that information. There are other things to consider as well. You should change the oil at least once a year in a vehicle that sits or is used seldomly, and you may want to change oil on a more aggressive schedule than the general rule if the vehicle is driven hard and often.

Honda Oil Change in Pittsburg CA - 2023 Honda Honda Civic
Should You Choose Conventional or Synthetic Oil?

When we perform a Honda oil change in Pittsburg, we’re generally going to use synthetic oil. While conventional oil can lubricate your engine just as well, synthetic oil delivers superior performance and protection, and it will hold up better over time too. Honda also recommends synthetic oil for all of its modern vehicles. What if you have an older Honda? Well, it depends. Conventional oil may be just fine for an older Honda, but if it has high mileage, synthetic oil is generally recommended in that scenario as well.

Honda Oil Change in Pittsburg CA - 2023 Honda Passport
What Is a Certified Oil Change?

A certified Honda oil change is an oil changed performed at a certified Honda service center. The difference between it and a generic oil change is that the work is performed by a factory-trained technician who has extensive experience with your particular model. In addition, when our team carries out an Honda oil change in Pittsburg, we do it in accordance with Honda recommendations. That is important for the performance and life of the vehicle and its long-term value too.

Do You Need an Appointment for an Oil Change?

If you live in in Pittsburg California or the surrounding areas, you do not need an appointment for a Honda oil change. Our Winter Honda service center has an express lane where you get an oil change and other services. Those include air and cabin filter changes, wiper blade replacement, battery testing and replacement and tire inspection, repair, rotation, balancing and replacement.

Get You Oil Changed at the Winter Honda Service Center

If you need a Honda oil change in Pittsburg, visit our location at your convenience during our standard business hours. Our service center in Pittsburg California is open Monday through Sunday. Check our website for our current specials, and call or email us with any questions about our services.

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